Biography Tarrie Joniec, Realtor

 Tarrie Joniec provides expert real estate advice armed with the skills needed to simplify the processes of selling or buying real estate in British Columbia. Clients usually find he simplifies the process with his extensive and specialized knowledge. Tarrie definately has his thumb and forefinger on the pulse of his community by:

  • staying informed
  • researching to market trends
  • investigating neighborhoods
  • diligently mining a properties lineage
His past experiences as a life long entrepreneur make him well suited in the real estate sector . Tarrie brings to the table;
  • a need to help others
  • an extreme attention to process details
  • extensive mathematical knowledge
  • a technologically savvy demeanor
  • natural marketing dexterity with suave execution
  • strong negotiating skills with the ability to dynamically adapt
  • the desire to create everyone wins solutions over financial gains
He believes above ideology creates the necessary requirements for a successful and long lasting business relationship. .. Stepping

Stepping back a bit, Tarrie was born in Leicester England as to Polish parents who refugees of World War II. His parents met in a refugee camp near Chipping Campden, England. His parents Jan and Stanisława and their three children emigrated to Canada, when Tarrie was five years old. After an exciting trip on a passenger ship the family landed in Montreal and then traveled to and settled in Oshawa Ontario. Tarrie spent bulk his childhood years in Oshawa with his parents sister Danusia and brother Adam.

At the ripe old age of nineteen Tarrie decided to move to British Columbia to study Mathematics, Computer Science and Slavonic Studies at the University of British Columbia where he met his wife Christine. They lived in Surrey close to her family and worked in the family business as a deck hand as a commercial fisherman during the off summer seasons. It wasn’t long before he became the computer, navigation and radio system professional bringing their 1950’s commercial fishing vessel Nanceda to the current times in technologically. He expanded his fishing seasons to Halibut and quickly began brokering the family catch to the highest bidder in the market always getting top dollar.

After his fishing life, which continued for sixteen years when he found an interest in computer control systems which he to studied Electronics Engineering Computer Control option at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). At the end of studies he worked at department of Highways Region One in a cooperative studies program creating programs for electronic traffic systems and published a monthly Engineering Magazine for Highways. The magazine and an engineer he met at highways sparked a passion for how real estate worked in British Columbia and became a personal topic of study as a part time hobby.

As the BCIT Cooperative program ended bundled with a restructure in the BC government Tarrie found it was time for a change and found employment with some past University friends running a parking systems manufacturing company Credit Systems International where his computer control skills were a asset. During this time Tarrie and his family moved to Abbotsford “The City in the Country” where he resides to this day.

After, Credit Systems International Tarrie started a Ticket Vending Systems manufacturing business where he; designed, manufactured and marketed a “Universal Payment System”. His companies product, which at the time, was ahead of current technologies was relatively successful with equipment installed in numerous locations across Canada… YVR, Granville Island, Medicine Hat University, Lester B Person Airport…. to name a few. The business was struck by a medical hardship was forced to close its doors in 2010.

Saddened but with an open mind Tarrie pushed on with life and went into semi-retirement. At this time real estate dominated this thoughts but, life or fate as some would say, had a different plan for him. He was recruited by a local logistics company as the Director of Information Technology to help due to his past skill set where he provided services as an independent contractor for a number of years.

As time went on the call to the real estate industry became stronger and in 2017 he concisely made a choice to peruse his passion in real estate sector. He as endured a number of hurdles one of the largest was COVID which shut down UBC’s Sauder School of business delaying his entry in to the industry. In the mean time Tarrie focused on keeping up with his studies vigilantly and once Sauder exams restarted he wrote and passed his exam. Armed with an exceptionally high exam a mark he began researching the brokerages he would apply join. After an exhaustive search and extreme vetting it became clear there was only one choice for his his destiny; which was, RE/MAX Little Oak Realty – Abbotsford. A brunch meeting with one of the owners Ray Yenkena reveled a perfect fit. This resulted in his signing with a gem in the real estate industry Re/Max Little Oak Realty.

Tarrie Joniec, Realtor